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UDVC Executive Director Position

The Utah Domestic Violence Coalition is excited to announce that it is looking to hire a new Executive Director.

The Executive Director represents the organization at a local, statewide and national level to ensure that the needs of victims and their families are identified and met; and that victim safety is addressed and prioritized. The Executive Director guides and coordinates the activities of the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition and its staff to establish and leverage statewide tactical partnerships; to provide exceptional services to programs serving victims; and to create a position of influence necessary to effectively convey the voice of victims and their families so they may be better served.

The Executive Director is responsible for the organization’s consistent achievement of its mission, overall strategic and operational goals, staff, programs, expansion, financial and development objectives.


Take the Trauma Informed Services Assessment

What is it?

The Trauma Informed Services Assessment is a survey created by the National Center on Domestic Violence, Trauma & Mental Health. The purpose of this survey is to learn more about ways that advocacy services currently address the trauma-related needs of survivors. By identifying trends in the services already being offered, and showing where there are opportunities for additional trauma informed practices, this survey will help guide the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition’s work. 

Who should take it?

Everyone and anyone who provides support to domestic violence survivors, whether directly (front-line) or indirectly (administration/management). We value everyone's experiences.

How do I take it?

This survey will take approximately 20-­25 minutes to complete.

You can access the assessment here: