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Early Bird Registration for 23rd Annual Domestic Violence Conference is open!

The 23rd Annual Domestic Violence Conference will be held on November 12th-14th at the Utah Valley Convention Center in Provo, Utah.

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Call for Presenters:

We are currently accepting proposals for workshops.  All submissions must be received by September 1, 2014. Notice of acceptance will be made the week of September 8, 2018. Please keep your proposals dedicated to the theme of the conference.

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Response to James Taranto's WSJ Editorial on Rape

In a deeply irresponsible Wall Street Journal editorial, columnist James Taranto championed the perceived plight of college men who are (or could be) accused of sexually assaulting an intoxicated female, particularly when the men are themselves intoxicated. Alcohol consumption and sexual assault are realities on college campuses nationwide, and it’s an important conversation to have. In having the conversation, however, it’s important to be armed with facts.

Fact 1: Men who rape use alcohol and intoxication to commit their crimes.

Fact 2: Men who rape are often “good guys” in the community’s eyes.

Fact 3: Rape is not a reaction to regret or miscommunication. It’s a crime.

Fact 4: Being raped while intoxicated is traumatic.

Fact 5: Ending rape is not about being male or female. It’s about being human.

Please read the entire response from Monika Johnson Hostler, The National Alliance to End Sexual Violence, Board President