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Choose to Cherish

 The Utah Domestic Violence Coalition is launching an exciting new campaign, "Choose to Cherish" and we need your partnership as we seek to make Utah the safest state in the nation.

Most people are aware of the horrible effects of violence and the impact is has on Utah families

  • 40% of all homicides in the state were related to domestic violence and
  • the youngest victim was only 5 years old and
  • most recently the loss of a young police officer, Sgt. Derrick Johnson.

Statistics tell one story but, however horrifying, they are often quickly forgotten. Here at the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition we believe that holding the memory of those lost should call us to focused, effective action. We believe that if we change the dialogue concerning the issue of violence and focus our support on the strengths and goodness in our communities Utah will be safer for all.

Your support in partnering with the UDVC will provide us with an important collaboration and enhance all our efforts in being a force for good in Utah. Utah Domestic Violence Coalition supports local victim’s service agencies throughout Utah. We support the grassroots agencies who share our goal to empower and uplift children and enable them to live a life free from violence. We wholeheartedly invite you to become a sponsor of this campaign.


Choose to Cherish is a multi-year campaign. Each month we will highlight and celebrate a different group. This Month we are focusing on men and boys and how they gift and enrich our lives. We will be focusing on families, children, elders, women, and specific communities throughout the year. The spirit behind this campaign is to ask people to make a choice. The choice is to cherish our families, our friends and communities.

Our hope is that folks will partner with us to raise both funds and awareness. Currently, UDVC and other victim services in Utah rely very heavily on federal funding. Our hope is that through your caring support, Utah children and families will know they are cherished by folks closer to home.

Funds raised through this campaign will allow UDVC to bring highly regarded prevention programs and trainings to our local communities. Funds raised will help leverage support in local programs to address emergency needs that exist in their communities.

The government shut down and sequestration demonstrated the vulnerability of Utah’s domestic violence and sexual assault services. We need to move toward independence from nearly 100% federal funding for these invaluable services. UDVC is asking your support to help build a community based approach to services that demonstrates that Utah Chooses to Cherish our own.

This month’s campaign is Choose to Cherish Men and Boys. Research still informs us that over 90% of intimate partner violence is perpetrated by males, and many of these men have multiple victims in their lifetime. Utah Domestic Violence Coalition wants to celebrate and engage the overwhelming majority of men who are kind, compassionate and nonviolent. This is not a women’s issue. It is an issue of safety, health and social justice.

UDVC needs your support, we believe that engaging men and boys in their own communities is key to moving beyond ending the violence to a place where we cherish our family, friends and community.

Donations are needed and so are volunteers. Please contact to learn how you can Choose to Cherish.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Peg Coleman
Executive Director
Utah Domestic Violence Coalition