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Epidemic in Utah: Call for Action

The number of deaths due to domestic violence is of epidemic proportion.  This is one of the most predictable and therefore preventable forms of homicide.  These horrific crimes affect innocent children, families, and church families as well as entire communities. 

The Utah Domestic Violence Link line and local domestic violence  programs have seen an increase in both calls for help and the ferocity of violence. 

Local programs have had to turn away more than a thousand requests for shelter due to lack of services. At the same time these key services, which have a long and proven track record in helping families access safety, have been underfunded and off the radar of many legislators. 

Despite proven success of programs, despite evidence of terrific need, despite the clear escalation of violence, the issue of domestic violence, if discussed at all, is often dismissed as a political issue. The bottom line is that domestic violence is being effectively ignored and/or dismissed as is evidenced from the lack of support for local nonprofit service programs.

Domestic Violence is a hideous crime which one in four Utah women and girls will experience. Furthermore the harm caused to innocent children who witness this abuse is devastating and long lasting.  Fully funding our domestic violence programs is simply the right thing to do.

Utah Domestic Violence Coalition is asking for your support.  If you or someone you know has been affected by domestic violence, or if you have been horrified or moved by the reports of this epidemic of domestic violence homicide in our communities, please call the Governor’s office at (801)538-1000 or (800)705-2464 this week and ask that the state of Utah do the right thing and increase its support of local nonprofit Domestic Violence Programs in fiscal year 2014.

If you or someone you know is in an unsafe relationship and you would like to know how to get help please call the Utah Domestic Violence Link line at 1-800-897-5465. All calls are confidential.

Please consider these services in your holiday gift giving – only together can we make Utah the safest place in the nation for our families.