UDVC Training Overview

The Utah Domestic Violence Coalition provides training and technical assistance to a variety of professionals in the state to enable them to provide the best quality service to victims of interpersonal violence.

The UDVC utilizes its own in house specialized training team to deliver training, as well as hosting national partners and technical advisers to ensure that Utah is current with the most recent evidence based approaches and national best practices. The UDVC also collaborates with local experts and partners to provide training to meet the specific needs of communities in our state.

As the state Coalition, a key part of our role is to support the non-profit victim services and advocates and much of our training is geared to their needs. The majority of trainings will be of interest and use to other professionals also however and so we encourage everyone to consult the full list of trainings on offer.

Please contact UDVC at 801 521 5544 if you have any questions or if you have any specific training needs you wish to discuss

Current Training Programs:

The UDVC is developing a Core Elements of Advocacy Curriculum to prepare advocates with key skills to support and empower victims of interpersonal violence. This training will be cascaded through the state by teams of specially trained advocates (Training of Trainers).

For community partners and members seeking an introduction to Domestic Violence please complete an online Training Request Form.  Alternatively please contact the non-profit domestic violence service in your area for details of their community education programs.

Utah Domestic Violence Coalition is committed to providing training based on current research and best practices. Please contact UDVC at (801) 521-5544 to learn more about current programs or to discuss program development to address your training needs.