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Lethality Assessment Program (LAP)

The Lethality Assessment Program (LAP) is a tool designed to reduce risks and save lives. Modeled after a similar program in Maryland, the LAP involves an assessment by law enforcement to determine risks and, if risks are identified, collaboration with community-based victim service providers. Working together, law enforcement officials and victim service providers are better able to support victims with a variety of processes to include, but not limited to, counseling, housing, medical, financial, legal and other needs.

Lethality Assessment Program

How Does One Become a Partner?

Becoming a partner is easy. Below are a few simple steps:

  • Identify your local victim service provider* or law enforcement agency
  • Establish or strengthen your relationship
  • Fill out and submit the LAP application with your respective victim service provider or law enforcement agency
  • A notification will be provided once the application is received - it will be reviewed within two weeks
  • Once approved, the law enforcement agency and victim service provided will be added to the list of agencies ready for training
  • A meeting between Utah Domestic Violence Coalition (UDVC), law enforcement and the victim service provider. Meeting topics include:
    • Training and implementation plans
    • Policy considerations for the law enforcement agency
    • Data collection
    • Next steps
  • Additional meetings may be necessary prior to the Training of Trainers session.
  • Attend the Training of Trainers session - delivered by UDVC's statewide expert LAP trainers - list of recommended Training of Trainers (TOT) attendees
  • Ensure all employees have trained in the LAP prior to the implementation date

How Often Must I Submit Data to UDVC?

Law enforcement and victim service providers must submit data on a monthly basis to UDVC. The data will be used for state reporting and as evidence to strengthen the local efforts to prevent domestic violence homicide(s).

Who Should Attend the Training of Trainers Session?

Law Enforcement Victim Services
Agency-appointed "Point of Contact" Executive director
Systems-based victim advocate Victim advocate
Patrol officer Shelter director
Patrol sergeant  

Which Agencies are Currently Implementing the Lethality Assessment Program?

See the complete list.

For More Information and to Request a Training:

Contact our prevention coordinator, Claire Mosby, 314-471-5304.