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Utah Policy Watch

Bill # Policy Name (click for more info) What it Means Who's Running it UDVC Stance
H.B.112 Firearm Amendments Anyone can carry a weapon without a permit
or background check
Representative Perry Oppose
S.B.37 Statewide Crisis Line Creates an additional Crisis Line via state funding Senator Thatcher Support
S.B.28 Repeal of Health and Human Service Reports Will no longer collect data on firearms/death by firearms Senator Vickers Oppose
S.B.72 Victim Selection Penalty Amendments Removes "hate crimes" defines reasons why a
victim is attacked
Senator Thatcher Support
S.B.54 Adoption Revisions If a woman is a victim of sexual assault or domestic
violence, she must name potential fathers, cannot
leave state for more than 90 days
Senator Weiler Oppose
H.B.173 Parental Kidnapping Amendments May cause safety concerns for victims who flee,
creates more avenues of control
Representative Potter Oppose
H.B.208 Jail Release Order Amednments Protection of child or vulnerable adult or sexual assault Representative Ivory  
H.B.206 Firearm Restrictions Restricts firearms from persons convicted of
Domestic Violence and Protective Orders
Representative King, Brian Support
H.B.237 Firearms and Domestic Violence Modifications Ends concealed carry permit but enhances DV offense
if in possession
Representative Perry Oppose
H.B.17 Offenses Against the Person Amendments Strangulation and loss of consciousness will be
charged as felony crimes
Representative Snow Support
H.B.248 Domestic Violence Related Amendments Adds continuous protective orders Senator Christensen Support
H.B. 99 Bigamy Offense Amendments Chilling effect for survivors trying to access services,
targets the FLDS families
Representative Noel Oppose
H.B.147 Living Wage Amendments Gradually raising minimum wage, which would allow
survivors a better chance at being self sufficient
Representative Hemingway Support
H.B.242 Family and Medical Leave Amendments Provides more Utah employees with the ability to
qualify for FMLA
Representative Dixon Support
H.B.36 Affordable Housing Amendments Creates affordable housing options Representative Edwards Support
S.B135 Maternal and Child Health Supports maternal and child health through study
of home visiting programs
Senator Escamilla Support
H.B.198 Concealed Carry Amendments 18+ year olds able to carry concealed weapons Representative Lisonbee Oppose
H.B.323 Code of Criminal Procedure Must prove "INTENT" to cause fear, intimidate or cause bodily harm before convicting of domestic violence Representative Coleman Oppose
S.B.210 Equal Pay Amendments Addresses gender pay equality Representative
H.B.43 American Indian and Alaskan Native Education Amendments Creates a pilot program for teachers at American Indian
and Alaskan Native concentrated schools
Representatiev Noel Support
H.B.326 Campus Sexual Violence Protection Act Violates victim confidentiality, makes it harder to hold offenders accountable Representative Coleman Oppose
S.B.226 Permanent Criminal Stalking Injunction Extends an application for a permanent criminal stalking injunction against a person, including "attempted" Senator Weiler Support



Utah Domestic Violence Coalition is committed to creating a state where domestic and sexual violence are intolerable. We work diligently to affect federal, state and local policies and procedures for the benefit of victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence, children who witness family violence, and teens who have experienced dating violence.  

Utah Domestic Violence Coalition regularly collaborates with other community programs to include, but not limited to:

  • Utah's 22 local domestic violence coalitions
  • Victim advocates
  • State agencies
  • Local, state and federal policy makers
  • Law enforcement
  • Medical professionals
  • Treatment providers
  • Media

Teaming with our many community partners we:

  • Support and promote legislation and practices that enhance the safety of victims, survivors and their families
  • Promote trauma-informed, evidence-based best practices and policies
  • Research and analyze proposed legislation
  • Recommend and advocate for legislative changes and/or funding
  • Examine best practices and policies being used nationally and provide education and support on adapting these best practices and policies to best serve Utah
  • Provide expert testimony
  • Educate policy makers, key stakeholders and the community on the impacts of domestic and sexual violence

Utah Domestic Violence Coalition also provides technical support to our member programs and resources to our partners to ensure compliance with state and federal laws.

Community partners and members of the community are invited and encouraged to participate in public policy discussions.

Follow us on social media, where we often share information about policies, training, meetings and media specific to domestic and sexual violence in Utah and across the nation. 

Twitter: @UtahDV
Facebook: UtahDVCoalition

State Laws

State Laws

2017 Utah Legislative Session Summary Report (PDF)

State domestic violence laws can be found at le.utah.gov. Key words to consider when searching for domestic violence related statute are detailed below:

  • domestic violence
  • stalking
  • protective order
  • cohabitant abuse
  • presence of a child
  • vulnerable adult abuse

Also available on le.utah.gov is a calendar of past and upcoming legislative meetings and hearings, information on how a bill becomes a law, audits and state budget details.

Utah Division of Child and Family Services maintains policy on Emergency Domestic Violence Center and Crisis Counseling.

Federal Laws

Federal Laws

Federal domestic violence laws and the enforcement of these laws have been compiled by the Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse  - their electronic clearinghouse provides a good overview of national statute and policies.

Additionally, federal laws can be found at congress.gov.