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Rural Services

Isolation is a common tactic of domestic violence. For individuals living in rural areas, access to support, information and transportation may already be extremely limited due to their geographic location. Additionally, rural communities are often small communities where everyone knows everything and everyone – to include the victim(s) and the abuser.

Close ties – family and otherwise, may result in underreporting. “Outsiders” who attempt to provide support or take legal action may not be successful in their efforts because they are, as implied, outside of the community and may not be trusted.

Utah Domestic Violence Hotline

1-800-897-LINK (5465)
In addition to connecting survivors in rural areas with basic services, Utah Domestic Violence Hotline can also connect them with a culturally responsive advocate who specializes in services and support for survivors in rural areas.

Emergency Assistance Funds

These funds are available to survivors living in or connected to rural areas who are in need of financial assistance to support their immediate safety and well-being. Immediate relief from abusive situations may include housing costs, transportation, cell phones, food, etc. Applications are made through and with the support of a victim advocate and all applicant’s details remain confidential throughout the process.

Download Request for Emergency Assistance Funds

2-1-1 United Way Utah

Information and referral to resources – organizations, companies and other organizations that offer community services – across Utah. Resources can be found by keyword, agency, need and county.

Rural Health Information Hub

Statistics, reports and guidance specific to domestic violence in rural communities.