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Services – Tribal Communities

Nearly 40% of American Indian and Alaska Native women will be victims of domestic violence and more than 1/3 will be raped in their lifetime. The majority of the perpetrators are non-Indian and, as a result, many of these crimes are not reported and, when reported, prosecution does not always occur.

Crimes against American Indian and Alaska Native women are more likely to occur in private residencies and those who live on tribal lands often lack government protection and support.
In 2013, Congress passed a law that allows Indian tribes to prosecute crimes of domestic violence; something that provides additional protections to American Indian and Alaska Native women.

Utah Domestic Violence Hotline

1-800-897-LINK (5465)
In addition to connecting individuals with basic services, Utah Domestic Violence Hotline can also connect you with a culturally responsive advocate.

National Clearinghouse on Abuse in Later Life: Tribal Communities

Resources and guidance for tribes and villages for creating meaningful responses to abuse in later life.


Ute Tribe

Ute Tribe Family Services

Ute Tribe Family Services strengthens Ute families through intervention, treatment and support.  Focusing on the immediate needs of families in crisis, they work with Ute children to develop a sense of protection, safety and the sense of belonging to a family.

Ute Head Start

Quality services to the children and families of the Uintah Basin. They will continue to enhance the great cultural traditions of the Ute Indian Tribe and become a voice for the children who are the future of this area.

Ute Indian Red Pine Residential Treatment Center (Inpatient)

Promote wellness and healing from the use of alcohol and drugs by providing individualized, comprehensive and culturally-based treatment and recovery services to all the Ute Tribal members of the Uintah and Ouray Reservation; as well as others who may be in need of these services.

Ute Tribe Victims of Crime Program

Assist tribal members with domestic violence, sexual assault and homicide crimes.

Community Services Guide

Complete list of community resources and phone numbers.


Navajo Nation Resources

Gentle Ironhawk Shelter

gentleironhawkshelter.com (Hyperlink to:
Shelter for victims of domestic violence. Provide crisis intervention and community resources.

San Juan Counseling Center

Provide professional treatment, education and advocacy in a caring and collaborative manner.

Arizona Crime Victim Reparations (Apache County)

1-928-337-7560 (Apache County)
1-928-524-4332 (Navajo County)

Asdzani Doo Alchini Bighan Home for Women and Children

Advocacy, prevention, intervention, direct care services and a safe home network program for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Support victims of intimate partner violence within the Chinle Agency and surrounding areas of the Navajo Nation.


Paiute Tribal Resources

Website lists resources for the Paiute Tribe.