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Trauma-Resiliency Collaborative

Traumatic incidents such as domestic abuse and violence can have devastating impacts on survivors and their loved ones. The impact on behavioral and physical health is even greater if the incident occurs during childhood.

As advocates for healthy and safe living, trauma-informed and resiliency-focused care and support is a priority for Utah Domestic Violence Coalition. We are honored to partner with Trauma-Resiliency Collaborative and to share their mission, vision and amazing work in Utah.

What is Trauma-Resiliency Collaborative?
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Trauma-Resiliency Collaborative is a multi-disciplinary group of community professionals whose mission is to advocate for trauma-informed and resiliency-focused practices throughout professional practice and living communities in the state of Utah.

What does the Collaborative do?
  • Collect and disseminate current information about trauma-informed and resiliency-focused practices
  • Sponsor defined trauma-informed and resiliency-focused projects
  • Mentor community change agents
  • Advocate for trauma-informed and resiliency-focused policies with community stakeholders and legislators

Comprised of more than 30 community partners, the Collaborative has formed three (3) sub-committees – each charged with their own goals and objectives.

Education and Resources

Online clearinghouse of vetted resources, to include:

  • Clinical experts
  • Speakers Bureau
  • Resiliency tools
  • Terminology/Lit review
  • Trauma-Resiliency initiatives
Research and Statistics

Collaboration on research and online/electronic sharing of findings:

  • Research grants collective
  • Listserv
  • Standard-of-practice terminology
  • Lit Review/sharing
Leadership and Advocacy

Promotion and presence of trauma-resiliency informed practices:

  • Statewide community presence
  • Inclusion in policies and procedures
  • Meetings and training sessions with key stakeholders

Trauma-Resiliency Collaborative Partners:

Academy on Violence and Abuse American Academy of
Pediatrics of Utah
College of Social Work –
University of Utah
Contractor – Military
Davis County Behavioral Health Utah Department of Health Utah Department
of Human Services
Department of Pediatrics –
University of Utah
Utah Division of Child
and Family Services
Faith-Based and
Neighborhood Partnerships
GreenTree Yoga Healing Pathways
Neuro-Behavioral Sciences Real Caring Safe and Health Families –
Primary Children’s Hospital
Salt Lake City Police Department –
CIT and Peer Support Programs
Sierra Works Social Research Institute Susie Wiet, MD P-LLC The Children’s Center
The Healing Group Trauma-Informed Care
Network of Utah
Utah Domestic Violence Coalition Utah Refugee Resource Center
Utah Maternal
Mental Health Collaborative
Utah State Legislature University of Utah
Neuropsychiatric Institute (UNI)
Utah State Office of Education
Utah Pediatric Partnership to
Improve Healthcare Quality
United Way Salt Lake County Youth Services  

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