Membership program

Become a member

More responsive and effective services to survivors and their dependents requires a connected, community-based, and culturally specific approach.

Utah Domestic Violence Coalition (UDVC) regularly collaborates with a variety of individiuals and groups, including those who serve and represent underserved populations, faith-based service providers, housing services providers, federal, state, tribal, and local public officials and agencies.

Dues and benefits associated with membership are determined by the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition Board.

Member Responsibilities

Members are expected to:

  • Attend and actively participate in quarterly and annual Coalition meetings
  • Actively participate on Coalition committees, task forces, advisory groups and workgroups
  • Understand and ascribe to the mission and vision of Utah Domestic Violence Coalition

    Membership Dues and How to Apply or Renew

    Membership Dues:

    • $275 – community-based nonprofit domestic violence, dating violence, stalking and/or sexual assault victim advocacy and service provider programs in Utah whose primary purpose is to work on behalf of domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, and/or sexual assault victims through direct services, advocacy, or social change efforts.
    • $550  government organizations or non-government for-profit domestic violence, dating violence, stalking and/or sexual assault victim service providers, corporations, businesses, or allies.

    To Apply or Renew:

    • Complete the Membership Application Form and return to Utah Domestic Violence Coalition via email, mail, or fax.
    • Please do NOT pay any membership dues until you are notified that your membership application has been approved by the UDVC Board of Directors.
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