Staying home due to COVID-19 may be unsafe for people experiencing abuse. Resources are available 24/7 and domestic violence programs across Utah are working tirelessly to help people plan for their safety. Get connected here.

Now is also an important time to actively reach out to friends, family, and community to help survivors and their children who may be feeling afraid and isolated. Simply reaching out can be incredibly helpful to break the isolation pattern. For tips and tools on how family, friends and others can stay connected during this time, call our 24-hour LINKLine: 1-800-897-LINK (5465).

What Programs Can Do Right Now:

  • Reach out to your local health department and make contact with health officials in your county who can provide guidance as the situation changes.
  • Review your agency’s protocols for influenza and/or other infectious disease prevention. Following these guidelines will be helpful to preventing the spread of COVID-19. If you are unable to find supplies of hand sanitizer or other hygiene and cleaning products, contact your local health jurisdiction.
  • Plan with program staff and community partners for how you will continue to provide essential services and meet the needs of vulnerable populations. For step-by-step guides, see the Emergency Preparedness Resources below.
  • Actively encourage employees to stay home if they are feeling sick. For guidance and information on new benefits available, see the Employer & Employee Resources below.

Resource Round-Up

Information is developing quickly. Follow these websites for frequent updates.

Domestic Violence Advocacy Resources
Guidance for domestic violence advocacy programs from NNEDV:

Federal Resources

Housing and Homelessness

Mental Health: A Guide for Seniors

Resources for Tribal Programs

General Information and Guidance

Emergency Preparedness Resources

Employer and Employee Resources

Resources for Shelters and Facilities

Financial Assistance and Support for Families

  • State of Utah resources including financial assistance, food & housing support, health and mental health resources, support for immigrants, childcare, and more.

Inspiration and Encouragement

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