Utah Domestic Violence Coalition

Our mission is to end domestic violence in Utah through advocacy, education, collaboration, and leadership. We envision a world where all individuals and families live free from violence, feel safe, empowered, and hopeful.

What we do

Provide free and confidential support for victims and survivors of domestic and intimate partner violence

Get Help Now

Nobody deserves to be in an abusive relationship with anyone in their life.

Free & confidential support is available statewide and on our LINKLine for assistance.


Free domestic violence training is offered by our staff and other subject matter experts in the field.

Submit a training request or see which upcoming UDVC training events are scheduled.

Get Involved

Are you looking for ways to contribute or get involved with the coalition?

Free domestic violence training is offered by our staff and other experts.

Latest News & Updates

The Power of Storytelling

For centuries, humans have used storytelling as a means of communicating, connecting and relationship-building. We create our lives and the world around us through the stories we tell each other and what they mean to us. Living a full and altruistic life is about...

Press Conference to Address Campus and Firearm Safety

Salt Lake City, Utah – Ensuring the safety of students and others on campus, as well as preventing deaths—suicides and homicides—are key legislative priorities for Utah Domestic Violence Coalition, member providers, and our community partners.  Proposed...

UDVC Members

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