Statewide Needs assessment


Every few years, the ​UDVC in collaboration with community partners, conducts statewide needs assessments to evaluate the status of domestic violence victim services and the needs of victims in Utah. ​The most recent assessments conducted include those from 2016/17, 2021/22, and 2023/24. The primary objectives of these assessments are:

  • Reviewing the structure and response mechanisms of domestic violence victim services in Utah.
  • Providing insights into the current needs of victims and the state of service delivery.
  • Developing an understanding of unmet needs and service gaps from both service providers’ and victims’ perspectives.
  • Identifying gaps in available services and barriers to access for populations with specific needs.

These reports are designed to analyze specific aspects of domestic violence response in Utah, supplementing information from other sources and highlighting significant areas of unmet needs. They aim to give a voice to domestic violence survivors and their experiences navigating various systems, serving as a detailed reference for planning purposes. The information from these reports supports:

  • Discussion points for planners and funders.
  • Planning services to address both immediate and long-term needs stemming from domestic violence victimization.
  • Prioritizing services to maximize their impact on victims.
  • Designing the content, location, audience, and methods for future training.
  • Disseminating information about victims’ needs and rights to partners in various systems, including mental health, medical care, law enforcement, and judicial sectors.

Collaboration and Acknowledgments

The UDVC is grateful for the collaboration with various groups and individuals that made these assessments possible. Partners include the Gender-Based Violence Consortium, Restoring Ancestral Winds, Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault, DHHS/DCFS, Dr. Annie Fukushima, Dr. Lindsey Gezinski, Utah State University, and Bolder Way Forward, among others. We also appreciate the community members who shared their insights on the advocacy needs of violence survivors in Utah.

On the Gender Based Violence Consortium website, you can find a recording of the community presentation detailing the findings of the statewide needs assessment, along with a downloadable infographic and an option to provide feedback. 

To learn more about the initiatives of Boulder Way Forward, including the 2023 surveys, please visit their website. HERE.

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