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Between 2009 and 2016 in Utah:    

  • There were 84 incidents of intimate partner-related homicide, where the suspect is a current or former intimate partner
    • Among these cases, approximately half (49%) were murder-suicide cases—where the homicide suspect died by suicide after murdering their current or former intimate partner
    • 59.9% of victims were female (Note: 85.9% of all homicide victims were female)
  • 23% of homicide suspects threatened use of weapons prior to the homicide
  • Escalation in violence prior to the homicide was evident in 26% of the cases
  • 39% of perpetrators had a criminal domestic violence history
  • In 44% of the cases, one or both individuals involved had financial problems prior to the incident
  • A known intimate partner violence history was reported to authorities by friends, family, neighbors, etc., in 54% of the cases
  • 44 children were directly exposed to the intimate partner violence incidents (i.e., saw it, heard it, or discovered the body)

Source: Utah Department of Health, Violence and Injury Prevention Program

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